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Rea Azalea Minor

The Rea Azalea Minor is designed for people that require a seat that has a smaller depth and width. Adapted from the Rea Azalea, the Azalea Minor boasts all the advantages of a reliable, tilt-able wheelchair with its special weight-shifting mechanism.

Rea Azalea Minor is designed for people that need a smaller-sized seat, such as petite adults or teenagers.

One of the key features of Azalea Minor is the ‘Tilt in Space’ weight-shifting mechanism, which ensures a stable tilt and makes manoeuvring easier. As with all the Azalea models, the width and depth of the Azalea Minor can be adjusted to suit individual needs.

Additional information

Code Display Name Seat Width Seat Depth Seat To Floor Height Safe Working Load
128176 Rea Azalea Minor Tilt In Space Manual Wheelchair 34 – 39 cm 38 – 45 cm 40 cm 75 kg