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Moving Star Power Wheelchair

MS-101 Split Frame (SF) (R) -Ultra Light Weight at 12.2 Kg (Heaviest of 3 parts) of a total of 21 Kg. 

European minimalistic design, supporting fantastically smooth control system.  Engineered for and sold into the German market.

The -101 SF (R) is the ultimate transport electric wheelchair, with the ability to be pack into small cars, airplane certified battery, This electric wheelchair is ready for transports in a matter of 2 seconds.

The lifting handles, patent: footrest and release cable design.

Supported by a fantastic drive system that makes the in home manoeuvrability simple easy also with the torque of the twin motors the steepest drives or park walkway a breeze.

The ability to maneuvers in shops, your bedroom or kitchen is a joy,  with the control system of the MS-101 Series .

The Fabric (washable new age fabric) on the MS-101 series is the latest breathable material which allows for comfort over a long duration in the chair.

Most Rest homes embrace the use of the MS-101 series as it has the advantage of being used in an ultra-slow mode for beginner (or smaller rooms) or for the more experienced the options of faster modes.

“MovingStar MS 101 SF  R Model apply  the split frame, solid tyres, magnetic wire system.

These added features of the R model are: Solid rear tyres (not pneumatic tyres) and a magnetic wire connection which allows for even easier transportations.

Both the MovingStar MS-101 SF and the MS-101 SF (R) are lightweight rear-wheel drive electric power wheelchair. With the advantage of being very transportable and lightweight at 21kgs or in 2 parts each 12.2Kgs and 8.8kgs.

The latest addition to the MovingStar family with the ability to quickly be dismantled into 2 separate parts with the heaviest being 12.2kgs also allowing the electric wheelchair to have a very small footprint. This provides the user an electric wheelchair which can easily be folded up and become transported into a small car. The lightweight, foldable and take apart give a greater independent’s to the user who in the past may have struggled with the weight of an electric the local mall, park or family outing.

The MS-101 SF and SF (R) are the newer model of the MS-101 family ( which has the European, Red Dot Award) with the advantage of the engines, battery and wheels (in one unit) coming apart from the frame for transportation or storage.

The ride and control is outstanding and we highly recommend you take one for a test ride.


    • Operation with joystick -JC operation system
    • Superior control, with dealer optional adjustment,
    • Automatic brake system (dealer adjustable)
    • Movable footrest, self-adjusting
    • Divisible by split frame system
    • IATA rated battery * Airline Approved
    • MS-101 series is engineered to be the best chair on the hills for stability and power!
    • MS-101 SF (R) Is an advancement from the award winning MS-101 model(European “Red Dot” award 2019).
    • Colour options, Black, Blue and Green.

Additional information

Code Display Name Seat Width Seat Depth Product Weight (Total) Safe Working Load
129009 Moving Star Blue Electric Wheelchair MS-101 FS 49cm 42cm 21.5kg 115 kg


Technical specifications

    • Wireless Magnetic power connection
    • Quick release patent system (folds down in 2 seconds)
    • Footrest patent design
    • Overall Length            81cm
    • Overall Width              63cm
    • Overall Height             91.5cm
    • Folded Size(L*W*H)   93*63*28cm (split)
    • Weight Capacity          115kg
    • Wheel   “Front,            8″”  solid tyre
    • Wheel    “Rear,             12″  solid tyre or pneumatic
    • Gradeability                 15 degree
    • Max. Speed                 6 km/h (optional factory adjustable to 9km)
    • Driving Range             15km
    • Joystick/Controller      360° Control (L or R)
    • Turning radius-           On the spot
    • Motor Brushless         DC 200W x 2pcs
    • Seat Depth                   42cm
    • Seat Width                   49cm
    • Backrest Height          42cm
    • Floor to Seat Height    50cm
    • Distance between the armrests 49.5 cm
    • Battery- Airline approved (Air NZ) -1 battery,  24V, 10.5AH, 250 watt hours, lithium-ion (1.2 kg).
    • Charging Time            6-8 hours
    • Weight with split frame  12.1kg & 8.2Kg
    • Weight without Battery  20.3kg
    • Overall Weight            21.5Kg
    • Part weights: Drive unit / frame unit / battery- 12.1kg / 8.2kg / 1.2kg