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Bakslap Applicator

The versatile bakslap applicator to help you apply ANY lotion to those hard to reach places. A complete skin care device, offering replaceable and washable exfoliating loofah & lotion sponge pads.

Available in Pink, Blue and Peach with replacement Sponges and Loofah’s also available for purchase

  • New lock for the lid, so when it’s open it stays locked!
  • New locking mechanism to ensure when fully extended it stays locked!
  • New sponges that have double-stitched edges for longer use
  • New sponges using a less absorbent foam, so less lotion is used
  • New loofah pads for bathroom and shower exfoliation
  • New packaging for better storage & with instruction video QR code

Each bakslap comes with 2x sponges (1x attached 1x spare in the packaging). The manufacturer is proudly Australian and recommended by dermatologists for medical, self-tanning, sunscreen & moisturizing lotions 😊

Additional information

Code Display Name
129936 Bakslap – Peach
129937 Bakslap – Blue
129938 Bakslap – Pink
129939 Bakslap – Replacement Sponges – 3 pack
129940 Bakslap Replacement Loofah – 3 pack