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Uccello Kettle

The revolutionary and unique pouring design of the Uccello Kettle was thoughtfully designed to enable hot water to be poured from Kettle to cup, easily, safely and confidently.

The light-weight design and circular dynamics of the kettle, combined with its rotating cradle transfers any “lift action” to an assisted “tilt and pour” action so there is no longer any lifting, straining, balancing or aiming of hot water!

The Uccello Kettle delivers hot water safely and steadily, every time


Additional information

Code Display Name Weight Width Length Height Capacity
127249 Uccello Kettle 820 g 120mm 230mm 221mm 1.5 L (Approx. 6 cups)


Technical specifications

50Hz | 1850-2200 Watts
220-240 Volts and 120 Volts
Input power: 2000W