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Quingo Flyte Mobility Scooter

The Self-loading portable and perfect solution for those who struggle with lifting. Ideal indoors or out and loads into most hatchbacks/SUVs in under 60 seconds. The flyte just got even better with the lighter (the heaviest component weighs only 8.9kg), easier to fit & more flexible all-new MK2 docking station solution from most hatchbacks and SUVs with the SUV adaptor kit.

The unique 5 wheel stability system on all Quingo mobility scooters provides the excellent posture and driving position of a 3 wheel scooter with the stability and safer cornering dynamics of 4 wheel scooters. Along with the best possible anatomical driving position all Quingo mobility scooters also benefit from a staggering 80% more foot area than in a comparable length four-wheel vehicle. In addition, Quintell™ Adaptive foot-plates offer independent adjustment in multiple planes to ensure the most natural, ergonomic and comfortable ride.

Additional information

Code Display Name Colour Weight Overall Length Overall Width Battery Max Speed Range Safe Working Load
127448 Quingo Flyte Silver 38kgs 1070 mm 770 mm 4 x 22ah 6 km 37km option 54km 158kg