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Numo Arms

  • Office chairs have them, dining chairs have them, so why shouldn’t toilets?
  • Numo Toilet Arms are your helping hand to sit down and get up from your toilet with ease.
  • Numo Toilet Arms are a simple, modern and innovative way of providing comfort and safety in the smallest room of the house and they look smart too!
  • NUMO Toilet Arms are secured to the pan with Nylon or metal fixing bolts normally supplied with the toilet seat.
  • NUMO Toilet Seat Arms base plate is manufactured from high tensile 8 mm thick steel which is zinc etched and plastic coated in appliance white. NUMO Base Plates feature two slotted holes to the rear based on the Australian Standard of 155mm for toilet seat fixings. There is some room for adjustment. Please check measurement before ordering as some US pans differ from this dimension.
  • Can be used by the whole family
  • Fits any toilet pan
  • Suitable for home, institutional and business use
  • Perfect for Renters!

Additional information

Code Display Name Width Safe Working Load
125053 Numo Arms Toilet Frame – 530 mm Wide 530 mm 150 kg
125251 Numo Arms Toilet Frame – 560 mm Wide 560 mm 150 kg