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Multi Purpose Cushion

  • If you or someone you care for uses a wheelchair or sits for extended periods in a regular chair, this supportive cushion can make you more comfortable. Made from premium convoluted (egg crate) foam, this sculpted seat cushion will effectively distribute your weight and promote better air circulation. It can even help to prevent pressure sores or allow them to heal.
  • You can get this foam seat pad with two available  cover options: the Dura-Fab or the Steri-Plus. This Thera-med comfort seat cushion is offered with the soft and durable fabric Dura-Fab, or moisture and bacteria-resistant Steri-Plus. Dura-Fab is a woven & washable polyester while Steri-Plus has a special polyurethane ply (film) bonded to woven polyester fabric to make it moisture and bacteria resistant. Chose the option that fits your needs best.
  • The design of our egg foam seat support promotes healthy weight distribution, postural and spinal alignment. Sit better and you will be able to sit longer. And even better, this foam seat cushion is so lightweight, you can take it anywhere you go. Bring it to the game, bring it in the car, bring it with you tot the office, even bring it on the plane for long, uncomfortable flights. Our comfort seat pad is portable and convenient, going wherever you go.
  • If you sit for long periods of time, you know it can be hard on your body. Sit at your desk for the better part of the day and it won’t be long before your lower back is throbbing and even your legs hurt from the very pressure of sitting. With our comfort cushion, you can make any chair or seat more comfortable whether you are at home, the office, the big game or even in your car.

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126413 Multi Purpose Cushion
126357 Multi Purpose Cushion with Waterproof Cover