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Homecraft Pick-Up Reacher

The Homecraft Pick-Up Reacher is a unique lightweight, robust and wear resistant reacher.
  • Ideal for retrieving or reaching a wide variety of items in the home, garden or out shopping.
  • Easy to use, store and transport.
  • Able to hold 454g or less.
  • Twin Gripping Jaws: The jaws have sculptured liners which give an excellent grip. The jaws open to 3″ wide and rotate 360° for greater maneuverability. The Pick-Up is operated by a wire not a cord eliminating fraying or stretching.
  • Magnetic Head: There is a magnet attached to the jaw which allows easy retrieval of pins, paper clips and other small ferrous items.
  • Trigger Design: The trigger is designed for comfort and is large and roomy to allow use of all fingers. The short trigger distance is ideal for stiff, arthritic fingers. The trigger projects through the top of the handle to allow it to be squeezed in the conventional manner, or pushed using the palm of the hand.
  • Rotatable Head/Stick Clip: The head can easily rotate to suit individual tasks. The Pick-Up is supplied with a removable stick clip, allowing it to be clipped onto wheelchairs and walking frames etc.

Additional information

Code Display Name Length
124646 Reacher – Short 340 mm
124265 Reacher – Standard 600 mm
124114 Reacher – Long 750 mm
124344 Reacher – Extra Long 900 mm