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Easy Pick Up Reacher

  • Made from lightweight aluminum and has a comfortable ergonomic handle, that is designed for people with limited reach or strength.
  • The 3″ rubber lined jaw opening with orange slip resistant surface gives high visibility and a secure hold on items.
  • Wipe-clean surface for shared use.
  • A magnetic tip picks up small metal object.
  • The end post can be used to help with dressing and pulling items closer.
  • It includes a lock-on clip to store the reacher on a walker or a wheelchair.
  • The reacher may also be hung by the curved hook on the handle.

Additional information

Code Display Name Length
124350 Easy Reacher – 380mm 380 mm
124190 Easy Reacher – 530mm 530 mm
124297 Easy Reacher – 660mm 660 mm
125953 Easy Reacher – 810mm 810 mm