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Dycem Anchor Pad

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Dycem® has been developed to produce the most effective non-slip material available to anchor your items onto any surface.
Dycem® Anchorpads feature:
  • Unbeatable grip for any item and have been proven to grip up to a 45 degree angle. Keep your items secure by using them on a range of surfaces.
  • Not sticky, but they grip to dry slippery surfaces e.g. worktops, trays, floors, tables to prevent movement.
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Available in a range of shapes, sizes and colours
  • Easy-to-use non-slip mats are anti-microbial, making them very hygienic.
  • Can be cleaned in soft soapy water to retain their properties, but they are not effective when wet.
  • Ideal for anyone with difficulty gripping or with mobility problems.
  • Non-toxic and do not contain latex.



Additional information

Code Display Name Length Width External Diameter
124311 Dycem Anchorpad – Round – 190mm 190 mm
127049 Dycem Anchorpad – Rectangular – 250 x 180mm 250mm 180 mm
124298 Dycem Anchorpad – Rectangular – 350 x 250mm 350 mm 250 mm
124474 Dycem Anchorpad – Rectangular – 450 x 380mm 450 mm 380 mm