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Brevetti Sock and Stocking Aid

A long handled aid used for putting on socks. It may also be used for stockings. At one end of the steel handle is a plastic collar where the sock is positioned. It may be used right or left handed. At the other end is a plastic shoe horn with a notch for sock removal.

  • The Brevetti is designed to help those with restricted mobility, enabling the user to successfully apply on socks.
  • Also very effective used with stockings.
  • Incorporates applicator, shoe horn and removal hook into the one unit
  • Is suitable for an elasticised sock or stocking and can be adjusted for use by the right or left hand
  • Suitable for people who have difficulty bending to the feet to put socks or stockings on / off. Also suitable for those who lack the strength to keep a sock or stocking open as the foot is inserted


  • Instructions for Use:* Lay the aid on a flat surface and with the heel facing the bracket, stretch the ribbed top of the sock over the applicator
    * Continue peeling the sock down until the toe is visible
    * Grasp the handle and offer the foot into the toe of the sock and gently pull
    * Further pulling on the handle unrolls the sock smoothly over the foot and calf, as the hinged application is drawn up the leg
  • A coated steel tube connects the two.

Additional information

Code Display Name Length
128015 Brevetti Sock and Stocking Aid 740mm