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Action Gel Pad

  • A universal gel pad used to alleviate pressure build up and evenly distribute body weight
  • The gel pad is covered in a waterproof film.
  • The Action Pilot cushion is made of Akton polymer gel.
  • The polymer will not leak if the cushion is punctured.
  • Supplied with a washable breathable cover with zip and carrying loops.
  • Manufacturer states it is suitable for users at low to medium risk of pressure injury.
  • Available in a range of sizes, and custom sizes are available on request.
  • Supplier states that this cushion is suitable for bariatric users, and does not have a maximum load capacity.

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Code Display Name Total Length Total Width Pressure Care Rating Material
126475 Action Gel Pad – 16 x 16in 400 mm 400 mm Low Risk Polymer Gel
126389 Action Gel Pad – 18 x 16in 400 mm 450 mm Low Risk Polymer Gel
126437 Action Gel Pad – 18 x 18in 450 mm 450 mm Low Risk Polymer Gel
126470 Action Gel Pad – 20 x 20in 500 mm 500 mm Low Risk Polymer Gel