Cobalt Classic Airchair

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  • Specialised pressure relief and positioning support for elderly and special needs users
  • Cushion air cell system in seat is pressure adjustable for comfort and user weight
  • Special four-way stretch material covers user area and provides additional pressure relief and mitigates skin tear risks
  • Water resistant to prevent liquid ingress
  • Fire retardant
  • Easy to remove covers for cleaning and replacement
  • Completely adjustable for patient positioning, with ergonomic controls for caregiver
  • Reclining seat back adjustment
  • Seat tilt adjustment – tilt in space
  • Leg rest tilt adjustment
  • Our COBALT Health Air Chair Classic is specifically designed for use in high care environments where patients can be at risk of pressure sores and other pressure management issues. Our air cushion cell in the seat area, combined with our soft foam system throughout the chair, provides excellent pressure relief.The Air Chair Classic is highly adjustable, including arm rests and head wings that can be lowered below seat height for side transfers, as well as back rest tilt, leg rest tilt, tilt in space and adjustment for the height of the footrest pads.


    Four large locking castors and rear push handles and controls mean that the Air Chair Classic can be easily pushed, adjusted and locked in place by carers. The sturdy frame makes it extra durable, as does the high-quality four-way stretch upholstery and powder coating on the frame.


    The Air Chair Classic is now complemented by the Air Chair Slimline and the Air Chair Active, offering greater choice for patients and carers.


    All our products are designed to be low-maintenance, reliable, and are built to last. We offer a generous manufacturer’s warranty and keep stocks of all spare parts to ensure continued trouble-free use.